Based on relative low labor costs in China, we are committed to provide our tailored and professional services with competitive rates to our customers, e.g., our English translation price will be in range of US$0.06 to US$0.1 per English word.

    The price may be altered according to the following factors:language,quantity,professionalism,difficulty,time requirement, touched field and if the translation will be published or not etc.English and Japanese are the most popular foreign languages in China.German,Japanese,Spanish,Italian and French are languages we’ve already been working with,that’s the reason why the translation price for these languages will be more preferential than other languages.We also are competent in the field of other translation services for Asian languages like Vietnamese,Thai and so on.You can contact us at any time,our customer service staff will give you the immediate quotation based on the original document and the requirements.Please note that the working languages of our service staff are English and Chinese.However,if you do not want to communicate in English,just let us know and we will assign a professional translator to arrange everything for you.

    Payment term: Payment will be made upon the delivery of the finished work in normal case; and 50% of the contracted amount will be pre-paid for large-scale projects.
    How to pay:For now, we can only accept wire transfer, remittance, Western Union and checks. For long-term collaboration, monthly payment could be accepted.

Uniwords Pudong Branch: Suite 23B, Bldg 1, Dongming Plaza, No. 628, Zhangyang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, P.R.C., 200122
Tel: ++86 21 51088600 Fax: ++86 21 58356640 Cell phone: 86-13501925848
Email: [email protected] Website:
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